Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

Thank you for participating in Dolphin Football. If this is your 1st year with us, get ready. Football is a bit different than other sports. It is extremely intense and requires an incredible amount of preparation and practice. Most of you have had older siblings playing football over the past few years so you know what I mean. Get ready for bumps, bruises and a lot of speaking loudly by the coaches. Please remember that this is constructive and the coaches only want the best for your child. Practice may seem a bit serious, but it’s very necessary.

If your player’s coach appears to be a little “over-the-top”, thank him! He’s there looking after your child’s best interest and safety. We can’t have a player on the field daydreaming during a game. Standing around on the field can result in serious injury, to your player or someone else on the team.

Even though everyone wants to win, that does not always happen. The real pleasure comes from teaching your kids to play football, and watching them grow stronger both physically and mentally. The coaches spend hundreds of hours during the season and in the off-season getting ready for football. It is a lot of preparation and hard work.

Parents can expect to see coaches that are fair, have good morals and are very professional. If at any time you feel these standards are not being met, please inform the coach, preferably before or after practice. Most issues can be resolved if you take the initiative to talk to the coach first. If you are still not satisfied, or feel your complaints are not being heard, please let Rene know. Every complaint is taken seriously and formally addressed.

The above outlines what you can expect from the coaches, here’s what coaches expect from parents:

Get your player to practice on time, or notify your coach. With over 30 to 50 kids on each of the teams, and limited practice time, a late arrival or absence can seriously upset a practice and will affect a player’s preparedness which for safety reasons will affect their playing time.

Have your player properly dressed. If its cold, dress them warmly, and be sure they bring all equipment.

Don’t coach from the sidelines. You can’t show up on game day and design new plays or change their technique.

Control your emotions. Even coaches get excited. There is nothing more exciting than a close football game, we don’t want parents getting reprimanded by game officials.

HAVE FUN!!!! None of these players are professional football players…yet! As such, remember that they are out there because they love the competition and the game of football. Let them have fun and let the coaches and officials do their jobs. It will make for a better season all around for everyone.


Coaches Coach, Players Play, Parents Cheer!!!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Rene. We hope your child enjoys Dolphins football and has a future love for the game because of their experience.
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