Dolphins Football


The Blackmen consists of 6th through 8th graders. Athletes are more skilled in this league and games can get quite intense. There are also play-offs and athletes undergo longer practices than the other Dolphins. After all a state championship is involved!

Most important they are prepared for many things that confront them not only in football, but also in life. The next step for a Blackmen is High School Football for which they will be very well prepared.



The Orangemen are made up of 4th through 6th graders. These athletes have either played football before, or want to give tackle football a try for the first time. Since we have so many athletes that vary in skill, we divide the Orangemen into 2 groups:

PRIMETIME: At this level athletes are introduced to tackle football. They learn the basics of tackling and also learn how to be tackled. PrimeTime games are played on Friday nights against other “PrimeTime” teams from around Vermont. For most PrimeTimers this is their first introduction to tackle football.

A-Team: At this level athletes are more experienced and have played tackle football in the past. These games are played on Saturday mornings right before the Blackmen games.



The Earthmovers are the Roughest, Toughest bunch of 1st to 4th graders in the state. This is our flag football team. Athletes learn the very basics of the game of football. They are also introduced to Team-work, Good Sportsmanship, Responsibility, and Mental and Physical Discipline.

More importantly they learn to HAVE FUN playing a great game!